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all songs, music & lyrics, (c)(p) 1995, patrick moore


Thinkin' 'bout what lies ahead,
so much now, left unsaid.
Times we had, times we spent,
no one knows where it went.
i loved you an' you loved me,
an' all love flows - eternally!

Think about you every day,
think about your beauty, yeah!
Think about the love we felt,
the way we are, the way we melt,
so close to you yet fallin' free,
on an' on - eternally!

Wherever ya go whatever ya do,
i'll be there a lovin' you.
Ya helped me in a mighty way,
ya taught me how to laugh an' play,
Your friendship solid as a tree,
reaching out - eternally!

Love's a kind of destiny,
i for you, you for me.
No one else will ever know,
the depths to which our love can go,
star to sky an' sea to sea,
shinin' on - eternally!


What does it mean to really be free?
Somehow i know i got it in me -
to wake up each mornin' an' strike a new start,
to love everyone right from the heart.

i know the sun is up in the sky,
above the clouds, shinin' so high.
Somethings there are, still bring me down,
but i have the friends who turn it aroun'.

Once i denied, sunny side of me,
a part that i, forgot how to see,
alone so rejected, deserted an' dry,
broken, neglected, too proud to cry.

When others touched me i'd lose the flow,
draw into myself, couldn't let go.
An this still happens, still brings me down,
no longer i crash, so hard on the groun'.


Over the dim blue hill strays a wild river.
Over the dim blue hill rests my heart ever.
Dearer an' brighter than jewels or pearls,
dwells she in beauty there, maire m' girl,
maire m' girl.*

Down upon claris heath shines the soft berry.
On the brown harvest tree, droops the red cherry.
Sweeter thy honey lips, softer the curl,
strayin' a down thy cheek, maire m' girl,
maire m' girl.

She is too kind an' fond, ever to grieve me.
She has too pure a heart 'eir to deceive me.
Was i Tyconnel's chief or Desmond's earl,
life would be darken' then wantin' maire m' girl,
maire m' girl.

(*old scottish verse)


Confinement in this classroom seems to have no end.
They say you graduate then begin again,
then begin again, an' again.

But i want to learn a few things on my own,
spend some time away, far away from home,
like London or Cologne.

You think it over, make no mistake,
very bold adventure, we can undertake,
we can live the dreams - yeah, yeah, yeah!

We can be gypsies together,
long as we never say never!

In eight or nine hours we can be in France.
i can learn to bake, you can learn to dance.
We can take the chance.

We can work hard on a ship at sea,
get to know the folks in Greece an' Italy,
Spain an' Sicily.

Then we'll head east to old Singapore,
eat a lot of fish, maybe not much more -
we can earn our way - yeah, yeah, yeah!

Catch a ship to Rio from Normandy.
i'll learn the Latin rhythm, i'll be your maitre d'.
i'll be your maitre d'.

Isn't learnin' what we gain from the enviroment?
Then tell me why there's no, there's no encouragement,
to touch the other side?

You say this world of ours is just a spinnin' ball.
i say "All for one," you say "One for all."
You say "One for all!"


Accept me,
reject me,
forget me -
what does it matter?

Perceive me,
believe me,
retrieve me -
whatever you wish.

For sunlight,
an' stars bright,
say "All right -
we are together!" (forever)

Hold me,
don't scold me,
unfold me -
an' never say never.


You can say that i loved you.
Ooooh with a love so true!
You can say you stol' my heart!
Ooooh yeah, you stol' my heart!

i'll, i'll always hold,
passion we knowed,
thunder explode!
Energy spent,
we came an' we went.
We had a good time - yeah, yeah!

You can say that i loved you.
Ooooh with a love so true!
You can say you stol' my heart!
Ooooh yeah, you stol' my heart!

i'll, i'll always know,
we let our love flow,
fell in the waves,
lost an' were saved.
We took an' we gave.
we had a good time - yeah, yeah!


Baby, let me in.
Baby, let me out.
Make me twist an' turn.
Make me scream an' shout!

Baby, let me in.
Baby, let me out.
'Cause it's your sweet love,
that it's all about!

An' if you spread your wings,
together, we can sing.
Together, we can fly - high!

We can rise above the grind,
together we may find -
we make Reality!


In the fadin' hours of the evenin'
i'm a thinkin' by myself,
'bout the day that's a passin',
an' about the things i felt,
Another day is finished,
another day is done,
an' i can't help but wonder,
"What have i lost or won?"

In the early hours this mornin'
my nighttime dream did end,
as i hurried to the classroom
an' hurried out again.
Then over to the library,
for to memorize,
an' it was pushin' on four-thirty,
'fore i opened up my eyes!

Yeah, my day time dream was endin'
i would soon be on my own.
My heart it was a singin'
as i drug my textbooks home.
But then the thought did strike me
as i walked in the backdoor,
"With fourteen years behind me,
they want seven years more!"


Caught between a rock an' a hard place,
hopin' for a helpin' hand.
Bring on the magic flute my friend
turn solid stone to crystal sand.

She turns me on an' then she turns me off,
an' then she turns me on again.
i'm turnin' into a little light bulb boy
whose bright light is gettin' dim.

There are no excuses
for draggin' on as if we're dead.
Let's face the situation,
see if we can get ahead.

First admit we're fallen angels,
too fat and weak to fly,
seekin' instant access,
to an inner cosmic sky.

In quiet desperation,
we slither through our escapades.
Slidin' amid the mud of life,
like lizards in the everglades.

i don't like this feelin'
when you switch me off and on.
How can i know you're with me
when a part of you's long gone?

You know we've got a problem,
countin' on the switch so much.
Turn me on an' i'm delighted,
turn me off i'm out of touch.

Perhaps you don't feel important
until it's apparent that you're missed.
But these hit and run guerilla tactics
flatten dreams of happiness.

Clean and clear we're not possessions.
We own ourselves, we're not for sale.
So play that magic flute my friend,
perhaps the wound is getting well.

In quiet desperation,
we slither through our escapades.
Slidin' amid the mud of life,
like lizards in the everglades.


Somethin's happened to you
since you shut the door.
You tell me you don't want
to go on anymore.
Empty days an' sleepless nights,
can't stop the pain.
Nothing matters now,
no you're not the same.

Lookin' back on years
you thought would be your best.
Now they bring you down
along with all the rest.
Talkin' to your friends you know,
they'll all agree
but there's a side of you,
you never let them see.

You know i know you know,
jus' how to throw it all away.
You know there comes a time when,
ain't much words can say.
But please remember
when the cold edge cuts on through -
there are dreams to be had,
one of them is just for you!

Wonderin' through the week
will you give me a chance.
Can you drop the pain
an' give this dream a glance?
Can i count on you
to keep your word?
When you're stomped and shattered,
broken up and blurred?


Each day wonder what you're thinkin',
what you're doin' what's your scene?
Since the law-hogs set upon us,
smashed our world to smithereens!

How long must we wait? how long must it take?
Missin' you is hell, hadn't gone so well.
Missin' you is hell, hadn't gone so well.
Come on break the spell, break the spell!

Remember school yard passin' football,
remember sunny happy eyes?
Remember starlight midnight campin',
comets shootin' 'cross the skies?

How long...

Don't ya know somethin' is missin'?
Don't ya know jus' what to do?
grab that phone an' call your father,
he's the one who's missin' you!

How long...

Written you so many letters.
Called you up so many times.
How much longer can ya hang up,
fail to read between the lines?


When i recall,
that after all
is said an' done,
you really made me.

So young an' wild,
much like a child,
i made my way,
the way you gave me.

Born into war,
against myself.
You eased the pain,
that overcame me.

An' through the mud
you charged my blood
with priceless visions
to sustain me.

You gave yourself without reserve.
You gave more life than i deserve.
You picked me up an' threw me down.
You made m'senses come aroun'.

You taught m'little feet to walk.
You took me by m'little hand.
You brought me here to stand alone.
You brought me here, so here i am!


Take your pain an' your anger,
i don't need it anymore.
Sure wish that i could help you,
but you knock me on the floor.
What's the use in guessin',
what caused it all this time.
You surely do need somethin'
perhaps some Sparklin' Wine.

Sparklin' Wine twinkle in her amber eyes.
Sparklin' Wine let her smile be my surprise.
Sparklin' Wine clear the cobwebs of the heart,
An' let us laugh before we fall apart.

Sometimes i can't seem to treat you right.
Sometimes you're not satisfied.
You're the winner in a strange game
i don't understand, zippidy do da's denied.

i can tell when you're disappointed.
i can tell when you're feelin' blue.
But when you try an' dump it all on me,
Sayonora, Au Revoir, Adieu!

Sparklin' Wine bring her sunshine back to me,
melt her heart wherever she may be.
Sparklin' Wine let us play like kids again,
no more score no more scary games to win.


Sittin' here wonderin', "where did you go?"
playin' canasta, with Mr. Radio.

Would you believe he thinks i'm awfully naive
so he likes to call me, "Mr. Make Believe?"

Now you know i don't like to feel like a spy,
but somethin's not right, wonder wonder why.

Perhaps you need lush mystery, intrigue,
but what's best for me, may not be so big.

When a balance is broken between give an' take,
you can smell like a rose, but still think like a snake.

A part of me's tired of payin' the price,
while you play it cool, actin' so nice.

A part of me's tired of your deep satisfaction,
playin' those games, jus' to get a reaction.

Yeah, you've come a long way baby, you're right in style,
but do you ever wonder, "Is it really worthwhile?"

We had a lot of fun, before the deceit,
but now the damage is done, there will be no retreat.

Impress all your friends, sophisticate queen,
swimmin' in snow, on top of the scene.

But you better move fast, a volcano i'm told,
is coming on strong an' soon will explode.

No more gobblin' the crumbs, actin' like i love it,
you can take the whole cake, you know where to shove it.

A beautiful woman made a slave out of me,
but now goodbye pretty mama, settin' ya free.

Sittin' here wonderin', "where did you go?"
playin' canasta, with Mr. Radio.


You say i don't care about you,
"it's over we're through."
You say i don't care about you,
could it really be true?

i walk aroun' in tiny circles,
wonderin' what to do.
Then punch on into the dream factory,
where all our ever lovin' dreams come true.

i know you know better than
exactly what you say.
An' i bet you'll see a different light
when these clouds pass away.
So don't run aroun' in tiny circles...

Now i remember the wind in your hair.
Now i remember the sun an' the sky everywhere.

No need for us to be angry,
broken or upset.
'Cause whatever we think we most need,
we best could forget.

Shinin' quality doesn't come from
vast pleasures an' power.
You know we can shine right with each other,
every minute of every lovin' hour.


Friend, i am a lonely man,
i don't know this land,
or the people here,
an' what they think or what they fear.
But i know that you too,
feel this way, sometimes.

Sometimes the days flash by so fast,
like a salesman's cash,
in a big machine 'cross my TV screen.
An' i feel it's all a dream,
unless we know what we mean.

You can spend your whole life runnin' all around,
in the sky or on the ground,
through the subways or out at sea,
any plae you show your money,
an' sometimes you'll think you won,
but you're only doin' what's already been done.

We're just two people walkin' down the road,
sometimes doin' what we've been told,
sometimes seekin' what can't be sought,
sometimes teachin' what can't be taught,
an' eventually we find that we,
we are not what we were meant to be.

For life is not a can of thrills
that you can taste until it chills,
that you can have an' you can hold
until the price says: "it is sold"
to someone who's not so old.
That's just what you have been told.

Someday you'll look above the telephone wires,
the streetlights an' the downtown towers,
through people rushin' all around
tryin' to find what can't be found,
an' you'll see, it's a gift, for you, for me.


My love, a little girl
plays hide an' seek with you.

Searchin' for a four-leaf clover,
so her wish will come true!

Now i want you to know for i know too -
a clover i am, an' my wish is you!


i never thought i'd meet a girl like you,
who'd love me just the way you do,
the way you listen to my silent sigh,
the way you hear my hidden cry.

i never thought that love would be like this,
your mornin' touch, your evenin' kiss,
your twilight's waitin' for my dawn,
your evening's longin' for my song.

i will love you all the time,
the world spins round an' you are mine,
an' we, we love.

i never thought the stars would all fall down,
an' snuggle up against the ground,
an' let their twinkles rest a while,
jus' so they could see your smile.


Today as i was thinkin',
thought that i should say,
some things i think about you,
before you go your way.

You have filled my days with gladness,
you have suffered on my behalf.
You have heard my reflections,
an' together we have often laughed.

If you think our days are over,
then i tell that you're wrong,
just because this night will part us,
doesn't mean we won't meet in the dawn.

Let our good times be not forgotten.
Let us live to remember when
the things we've done together,
we will someday do again.

You must go to your tomorrow.
You must leave me far behind.
You must travel on your own road,
an' watch me follow mine.

i will travel hills and valleys.
i will cross the salty sea.
i will joy in every moment
rememberin' when you were with me.

May my love be ever with you.
May it help you on your way.
May your life come to mean more,
than any words of mine can say.