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all songs, music & lyrics, (c)(p) 1994, patrick moore


Dancin' on ice with a polar bear,
feelin' the breeze, haven't a care.
Kickin' the sky with my new shoes on,
already here, already gone.

Forgettin' the stiff, payin' his dues,
takin' a break, long overdue.
Shinin' the wings, singin' a song,
already here, already gone.

Jus' who i am, or what i do,
doesn't matter much, what's goin' with you?
The film is transparent, what more can be said,
snoozin' at work, wake up in bed.

How can we ever, ever get done,
when life is a drag not very much fun.
What is the dark secret door that is shut?
Open the mouth, answer "So what, so what!"

Shrinkin' so fast i can't break the spell,
should i read Mickey Mouse or Madamoiselle?
Castin' no shadow, feelin' no pain,
nothin' to lose, nothin' to gain.

Perhaps you know what i'm talking about,
keep it to yourself don't let it out.
Your eyes are the mirror, your smile is my song,
already here, already gone, gone, gone.

Knowin' that i don't have to have anything,
watchin' the stars while walkin' in rain.
Why do i laugh with a grumpy King Kong?
Already here, already gone, gone, gone!


Close your eyes, go to sleep.
See the fence, count the sheep.
i will wait an' watch for you.
When you wake up it'll all be through.

Forget how you got here, forget why you came.
Things got to get better, can't stay the same.
The reason we're here is to take care of you.
So rest an' relax, you're gonna pull through.

Dream some dreams like never before.
Take on the world, open the door.
Be whoever you've always wanted to be.
It's okay now cause you're really free.

Picture yourself somewhere far away
where rainbows glow an' children play.
Visit some friends you've missed for a while.
Greet them all with a lovin' smile.

Watch yourself fly jus' like superman.
Do a mid-air flip like O' Peter Pan.
Now the triple spin twist of O' Mighty Mouse.
Come down on your feet on the roof of a house!


How can i tell you, love ya so.
Each an' every day an' night, want you to know,
ever i loved anyone, that one is you.
Can't help but wonderin', "What we comin' to?"

Ya say ya love me, that's all right.
Ya say ya miss me, when i'm gone at night.
Ya say ya want a love, solid an' true.
Can't help but wonderin', "What we commin' to?"


Walkin' alone i miss you so much.
But when you hurt it hurts me too much
Am i the cause of bitter pain?
Sunset, drought an' winter rain?

What's the use in it.
Somethin' don't quite fit.
Let's throw the whole thing overboard for now.

An' let's rock, rock away the bruise,
gentle merci beaucoups, gentle merci beaucoups.


Wake up every mornin',
jus' to face another day.
Feelings start to torture me,
how you slipped away.
You slipped away, you slipped away.

Yeah it's a real sad story,
like a black an' white TV.
Colours are all missin',
since you're not here with me,
not here with me, not here with me.

Well i still go to work each mornin'
pretendin' everything's all right.
Eat a lot of junk food.
Sleep alone at night.
i sleep alone at night, sleep alone at night.


So you want for me to feel bad
'cause a what i did or did not do.
You want to stick it to me
as if that's up to you.

i never made no promises.
i never told you lies.
Ain't about to start up
a life filled with alibis.

Never made no promises,
what they're good for i can't say.
If you don't know what you mean to me
i'll never prove it anyway.

Do you want for me to do less
than what i know i can?
Want for me to be someone
other than who i am?

Do you need a snuggly puppy
for your silvery chain?
Homesick for the corral
when we belong out on the plain?

Never made no promises.
What they're good for i can't say.
If you don't know what you mean to me,
i'll never prove it anyway.


Slam that phone down momma cause i don't give a damn.
Kick your heels into the air go find a better man.
Take your little toys an' throw them on the floor.
Jus' one thing's for certain, ain't gonna take it anymore.

Ain't gonna take it anymore.
Ain't gonna crawl across the floor.
Ain't gonna argue who's the boss.
Ain't gonna hang upon no cross.
Ain't gonna make no compromise.
Ain't gonna mingle with the flies.

Go ahead an' throw a fit you deserve a break.
Since i'm the dirty devil ain't no room for no mistake.
Call your little girlfriends an' tell them you're abused.
But don't forget to mention you finally got the news.

Ain't gonna beg for sweets tonight.
Ain't gonna cry for your delight.
Ain't gonna play that hurtin' games
when pleasure only follows pain.
Ain't gonna wallow in the slime
'cause i haven't got the time.


Fell in love with a girl,
or was it the world?
Can't seem to remember.

Was it day or night?
Was it dark or light?
Was it May or December?

But now an' then i,
can't seem to reply,
unlimited space,
begins to erase.

New age romances,
an' new circumstances.
Illusions prevail,
so what the hell!

Let's take some chances.
We've done it before.
Let's take some chances.
So let's take some more.

Let's have a party.
It's Saturday night.
Let's have a party.
We're doing all right.

Let's have a good time.
Treat everyone right.
Let's have a party.
It's Saturday night.


Was crazy the day i met you,
been crazy ever since.
Was crazy the day i met you,
now all i feel is your sweet suspense.

Sweet suspense, how long before i know you?
Sweet suspense, how long before we touch?
Sweet suspense, how long before i hold you?
Sweet suspense, i miss you oh so much!


Jus' one moment in the wind,
jus' one long look cast back.
Then they will fade an' i will know,
it was just a thought of a long time ago.

With each new day dies a night,
with each new dusk dies a light.
With each new thought is born a why,
for each new life something must die.

Life seems so long an' yet so curt.
We feel so happy 'til we are hurt.
An' we do find as we grow old,
things are so true which we were once told.

Someday we will rest an' wonder when,
things that have happened will happen again.
Then we will silently say to ourselves,
"Things we miss most have made us ourselves."


(Hey you Russian Ruskies,
how's your life over there?
Let's get together an' play some basketball,
we'll meet you anywhere.)

Sometimes i feel such a deep satisfaction,
surge through my circuits, bristling for action.
Turn and look deep in your eyes,
see you clearly recognize.
Big thaw here at last,
brave new worlds come on fast.
Streams keep runnin' to the sea,
what's the use when helplessly,
magnetized by a new age force,
pullin' us back to the Source.

Fallin' high into the stars,
no more violence, no more wars.
Children of the brave new age,
crawl out of your shelter caves.
Jump like fish within the sea,
say "Good morning galaxy!"
Winter fades as summer calls,
breakin' down our little walls.
Hear the cosmic symphony,
never ending harmony.

Cascadin' through outer space,
what's the hurry? What's the race?
Here's the path back to the trees,
where naturally we move with ease.
Glidin' past the danger spots,
where we once got stuck a lot.
The war is over both sides won,
now's the time for havin' fun.
Laughin' children with a notion,
alley-oops in slow motion.


Midnight train leavin' St. Petersburg,
took me by suprize caught me without a word.
Touched by fountains gushin' through the air,
white knights dancin' in St. Isaac's Square.

Feelings cry out with deep regret,
like leavin' parents I never met.

Summer palace of the mighty czar,
glasses of vodka with our caviar.
Haunting spirits in the hermitage,
only give us clues to their heritage.

Crisscrossin' streets over wide canals,
watchin' Elena as she laughs an' smiles.
Fallin' through pages of history,
unspoken words filled with mystery.

Feelings cry out with deep regret,
Like leavin' parents I never met.


The time has come i understand,
fare you well i'll catch you when i can.
Felt so good to break the cold,
soon i must be rollin' down that road.

So love be tender, love be true,
i'd rather stay the whole night through.
Four winds call for an early dawn,
an' my wheels keep rollin' on an' on an' on.

Jus' this evenin' fiery bright,
magic moments meltin' in the night.
Where was i, where were you,
watchin' golden embers burnin' blue.

Mystery ships with silvery sails,
shootin' sparks an' rainbow trails.
Finally beyond division,
caught a glimpse - cosmic vision!

Alone i came, alone i go,
can't help wonder if you really know.
Close we came, close we are,
passengers upon this shooting star.

Transectin' the galaxies,
we seldom seldom stop to see.
With eyes tight shut an' blinders on,
we miss the chance until it's gone.


Alone you sit in your shell.
Alone you set out to sail.
Deep inside you feel destiny.
Deep inside you want to break free.

Hesitation keeps puttin' out your fire.
Hesitation keeps cuttin' your desire.
Hesitation turns golden dreams to dust.
Hesitation who can you really, can you really trust?

Ahead blue sky an' blue sea,
callin' for you a warm summer breeze.
As you watch the dolphins at play,
how can you leave, how can you stay?

Feel the tropics so lush,
feel a natural rush.
Know there's no guarantee,
when you're a magic, magic gypsy.

Sooner or later you'll be touchin' me again.
Sooner or later we'll be ridin' in the wind.
Sooner or later our eyes will meet again.
Sooner or later can you remember, you remember when!


Started bad an' it's gettin' worse,
tearin' my guts till it really hurts.
Why o' why'd i ever fall for you?
Take a chain saw cut my heart in two.

Jealousy you caught me here,
in the prison of my fear.
Locked me with your burnin' chains.
Turned my pleasure into pain.
i will never be the same.

Beat me to a pulp, stomp me in the floor.
Me a bloody fool runnin' back for more.
Somethin's got to give an' it got to be quick.
This side of myself is makin' me sick.

Dragon dragon throw your fire,
fattened up by my desire.
Shrink back down into your den,
for i will fight an' i will win.
i will fight an' i will win.


So you're breakin' down again,
An' you're thinkin' "I never ever win."
'cause things didn't go your way,
ya want to up an' throw it all away.

What can i say, what can i do?
Is it up to me or is it up to you?
Had i the (magic) potion for a pain so close,
i'd give us both a double mega-dose.

But sure as fire you're gonna be fine,
give yourself a little lovin' time.
Lullabyes an' nursery rhymes,
can carry you through the rocky times.

Remember stars still shine at night,
an' the sun still rises bright.
Cool clear water's always good to drink.
An' life's about as good as good we think.


You don't call it pushin' me away.
You don't call it pushin' me away.
You say you love me an' you want me to stay.
You don't call it pushin' me away.

Since the day you left me, you left me behind.
i've tossed an' turned an' ended up cryin'.
No more withdrawal till i think about you.
Any day now, might think somethin' new.

Like space, i need some space.
i want some space.
We all need space - yeah, yeah, space!

Space to be on our own,
we need space,
to stand alone.
We need space,
to do whatever we want.
We need space - yeah, yeah, space!


Losin' you is losin'
the better part of me.
A jumbo, jet airliner
crashin' to the sea.

Yet somehow i'm lucky
cause you're in my heart to stay.
An' everything you've been to me,
no one can take away.
That's all there is to it,
i just can't delay -

Little raindrops, gently fallin'
through the wishing well.
Gently fallin', softly callin'
more than words can tell.


Doesn't life get weary when we're in the fryin' pan?
Our insides are so knotted like sardines in a can.
Everything seems hopeless only darkness filled with doubt.
In this nightmare of confusion i finally bottom out.

i turn it over to the One who puts the sunlight in the sun.
i step aside an' take a bow, i'll never solve it anyhow.
i'm quite content to do my best,
someone else can do the rest,
do the rest - i'll pass the test.

My girlfriend's liberated but seldom satisfied.
My boss must let me go, says his hands are tied.
My X's sharp attorneys are knockin' down the door.
Why can't i see the light before i hit the floor?

What's so mesmerizin' about this modern stress?
Is our sophistication just icing on a mess?
With a pill for every symptom an' those preachers on TV,
how can life's little problems still get the best of me?

i turn it over to the One who puts the sunlight in the sun.
i step aside an' take a bow, i'll never solve it anyhow.
i'm quite content to do my best,
someone else can do the rest,
do the rest - i'll pass the test.


We've got to find a new way
'fore we call it a day,
'fore we throw in the towel,
got to make it somehow,
got to make it workout,
shatter this doubt -
standup an' shout.

We are brothers in blood
who got caught in the flood,
broken far apart,
still brothers in heart,
resolve made of steel,
minds that can feel -
minds that can feel!

Like a hawk in the wind
i will protect an' defend,
help you to grow,
make sure that you know,
we'll be together again,
again an' again -
again an again.

As a father to son
want to see you have fun,
want to see you be brave,
want to see you behave,
an' do what is right,
do what is right -
right out of sight.

You are the sun in my heart.
You helped me make a new start,
let the light in me shine,
turned my water to wine,
broke me loose, set me free,
my little Maurey -
my little Maurey.


Never saw your face, never knew your name,
never touched the kingdom from which you came.
Never had a chance to see the other side,
born as enemies to fight until we died.
But now it's suicide, yes it's suicide,
foolish, foolish pride, it's really suicide.

Born into a game that never made much sense,
creating war machines, no thought of consequence.
Surely someone's kidding, this must be a joke,
any second now we could be up in smoke.
We could be up in smoke, what a dirty joke.
There can be no hope burnin' up in smoke.

Do you brainwash children, persecute the Jews?
Will Afghanistan be your Waterloo?
We had our Vietnam an' we paid the price.
Now is it die in hell or build a paradise?
Building paradise could be very nice.
Meltin' cold war ice could be paradise.

Is it impossible for us to get along?
Prefer annihilation to ping pong?
As the cold war final locks into checkmate,
hear the new age anthem -
"Cooperate, participate, appreciate, communicate,
an' keep it straight, participate,
appreciate an' celebrate an' celebrate!"